School Integrated Online Program (SIP)

The School Integrated Online Program (SIP) methodology developed by us for competitive exam preparation lays emphasis on making the students imbibe the fundamental concepts of engineering, medical other entrance examination preparation and on sharpening their analytical skills and parallel thinking skills. This makes them capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by merely application of basic concepts. We have experienced that the IQ level of the students is raised significantly during this process.

Q. What is the advantage of School Integrated Online Program (SIP Program)?

As thousands of students move to KOTA every year for the seek of good quality coaching program & left their current schools and move to the dummy schools over here in KOTA. Due to this the school authorities faces financial loss & also loose the good results which truly belongs to them.

Due to the lack of synergy between school studies and coaching, the student comes under mental pressure, as both at school & coaching different topic is being taught. Also both have different priorities. For School, priority is to score good result in School & Board & for a coaching institute, priority is to perform well in target competitive examinations i.e. JEE, NEET Olympiads etc.

Thus SIP programme plays a role of bridge and students perform well in both School & Competitive examination. In this we offer an Online Integrated Program by which the student can prepare at his/her hometown while continuing with his/her current school.

Q. What we will offer in our School Integrated Online Program (SIP Program)?

We offer following features to the students:

  • Online Access of HD Quality Pre-Recorded Video Lectures For Theory.
  • Online Access of HD Quality Pre-Recorded Problem Solving Videos.
  • Complete Study Material designed by KOTA's Experts IITians.
  • Complete Online Test Series For JEE / NEET.
  • Access to LIVE Online Session.
  • Yearlong Planner
  • Access to 24 x7 Doubt Removal Portal.

Q. What are the benefits of School Integrated Online Program (SIP Program)?

The students will get the following benefits:

  • Guidance of experienced IITians faculties of KOTA
  • Facility to Study Any Time Anywhere
  • Researched Content prepared by the team of IITians for JEE / NEET
  • Flexibilty to choose the faculty
  • Effective Revision Program
  • Year Long Planner
  • Highly Cost & Time Saving Solution for their Studies

Sample of recorded video lectures & solutions can be checked at:

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