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CBSE Class 7 Past Year Question Paper

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CBSE Class 7 Syllabus

Below is the prescribed syllabus of CBSE Class 7

Syllabus Homework
Nutrition in Plants
Nutrition in Animals
Fibre to Fabric
Acids, Bases and Salts
Physical and Chemical Changes
Weather, Climate and Adaptations of Animals to Climate
Winds, Storms and Cyclones
Respiration in Organisms
Reproduction in Plants
Motion and Time
Transportation in Animals and Plants
Electric Current and its Effects
Water: A Precious Resource
Forests: Our Lifeline
Wastewater Story
Separation of Substances
Electricity And Circuits
Syllabus Homework
Fractions and Decimal Numbers
Introduction to Rational Numbers
Data handling
Simple Equations
Visualizing Solid Shapes
Lines and Angles
Properties of triangles
Congruence (with constructions)
Introduction to Algebra
Algebraic Expressions
Concept of Perimeter & Introduction to Area
Ratio and Proportion
Practical Geometry
Representing 3D in 2D
Comparing Quantities
Construction (Using Scale, Protractor, Compass)
Geometry: Understanding Shapes
Social Science
History Civics Geography
Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years On Equality Environment
New Kings And Kingdoms Role of the Government in Health Inside our Earth
The Delhi Sultans How the State Government Works Our changing earth
The Mughal Empire Growing up as Boys and Girls Air
Rulers and Buildings Women can Change the World Water
Towns, Traders And Craftspersons Understanding Media Natural Vegetation and Wild Life
Tribes, Nomads And Settled Communities Understanding Advertising Human Environment –Settlement. Transport and Communication
Devotional Paths To The Divine Market Around Us Human Environment Interactions The Tropical and the Subtropical Region
The Making Of Regional Cultures A Shirt in the Market Life in the Temperate Grasslands
Eighteenth-Century Political Formations Struggle for Equality Life in the Deserts
English Grammar Supplementary Reader Prose & Poem
Articles The Tiny Teacher The Three Questions
Modals Bringing up Kari The Squirrel(Poem)
Sentence Structure The Desert A Gift of Chappals
Voice The Cop & the Anthem The Rebel(Poem)
Gender(Noun) Golu Grows a nose Gopal and the Hilsa Fish
Kinds of Adjective I Want Something in a cage The Shed(Poem)
Verbs Chandini The Ashes that made Trees
Adverbs The Bear Story Bloom
Prepositions A Tiger in the House Chivvy(Poem)
Conjunction An Alien Hand Quality
Interjections Trees(Poem)
Reported Speech Expert Detectives
Tenses The Mystery of the Talking
Determiners Fan.(Poem)
Conditional Clause The Invention of Vita-Wonk
Idioms Dad & The Cat & The Tree(Poem)
Word Meaning Fire: Friend and Foe
Word Building A Bicycle in Good Repair
Arrange the word Meadow Surprises (Poem)
Completing Paragraph The Story of Cricket I & II
Opposite words Garden Snake (Poem)
Question words
Vasant Durwa
१. हम पंछी उन्मुक्त गगन के १. चिडया और चुरुंगुन
२. दादी माँ २. सबसे सुन्दर लड़की
३. हिमालय की बेटिया ३. मैं हूँ रोबोट
४. कठपुतली ४. गुब्बारे पर चीता
५. मिठाईवाला ५. थोड़ी धरती पाऊं
६. रक्त और हमारा शरीर ६. गारो
७. पाप खो गए ७. पुस्तके जो अमर है
८. शाम - एक किसान ८. काबुलीवाला
९. चिड़िया की बच्ची ९. विस्वेसवरैय्या
१०. अपूर्व अनुभव १०. हम धरती के लाल
११. रहीम के दोहे ११. पोंगल
१२. कंचा १२. शहीद झलकारीबाई
१३. एक तिनका १३. नृत्यांगना सुधा चंद्रन
१४. खानपान की बदलती तस्वीर १४. पानी और धुप
१५. नीलकंठ १५. गीत
१६. भोर और बरखा १६. मिटटी की मुर्तिया
१७. वीर कुंवर सिंह १७. मोत का पहाड़
१८. संघर्ष के कारण मैं तुनुकमिजाज हो गया १८. हम होंगे कामयाब एक दिन
१९. आश्रम का अनुमानित व्यय
२०. विप्लव - गायन

CBSE Class 7 Prescribed Books

S.No Subject Prescribed Books
1 English
  • Learners' English Grammar & Composition Book VII (paperback)
  • Longman Classics: The Secret Garden (Paperback)
  • Friday Afternoon Comprehension and Composition (Class - 7) (Paperback)
2 Social Science
  • Full Marks Social Science Class 7 (Paperback)
  • 100% NCERT Social Science (Perfect Binding)
  • JPH Three-In-One Social Science (History, Civics & Geography) (Paperback)
3 Science
  • S.Chand's Science for Class-VII (Paperback)
  • New Science in Everyday Life - 7 (Paperback)
  • Living Science - 7 CCE Edition (English) (Paperback)
  • Longman Active Science 7 (Paperback)
4 Mathematics
  • Hands-on Maths For Class 7 / E1 (English)
  • Maths Grade Booster PB 7 (Paperback)
  • Longman Active Maths 7 (Paperback)
  • Activity Plus in Mathematics Class 7 (Paperback)
5 Hindi
  • Aviral: Hindi Pathmala (English) (Paperback)
  • Viva Pankhudiya Hindi Pathmala - 7 - New Edition (English) (Paperback)
  • Rachnatmak Vyakran Book 6 (Paperback)
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