Prakash Gupta (PG SIR) ( Mathematics )

About Faculty : Mr. Prakash Gupta (PG Sir) is a well known name for mathematics for IIT JEE aspirants. He is an alumnus of IIT Bombay. He realized that his real talent stands in the way he can explain concepts to his students and from there he started his journey as a teacher and from that time he has gained such great experiences which he shares with his students and make mathematics way easier for them. He has got a great lead in topics like Statistics, Algebra, Calculus etc. With his teaching experience of over 13 years with Bansal Classes, Motion IIT JEE ,Plaksa, extraclass etc. He is one of the most preferred Mathematics tutor of Kota. He intends to make a difference in the old traditional learning patterns by accentuating the need of new teaching standards and techniques he has formulated ground-breaking maths tips. He believes that mathematics is core subject which helps the student to groom his aptitude skills from childhood. So a strong math’s basics are highly required to crack any competitive exams whether it’s JEE or any other in future.

B.Tech IIT Bombay

13 Years
  • Message For Student's: Admission to prestigious IITs is a dream to all and comes true with immense knowledge and hard work. With the changing JEE pattern, demand for the betterment of learning and teaching has risen. This is a critical situation that needs to be taken care of with immense patience and intellect. Remember that there is no shortcut to success - so, plan adequately, strategize accordingly and execute smartly.
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