Vinay Kumar Pandey (VKP Sir) ( Organic chemistry )

About Faculty : VKP Sir is known for his systematic and scientific teaching which raises the academic levels of the student. This course by VKP Sir focuses on JEE Organic Chemistry covering class 11th and 12th syllabus. Master the concepts of JEE organic chemistry topics. Covers the organic chemistry complete syllabus for CBSE, ISC and other state boards. Designed and Developed by the experienced faculty of KOTA (VKP Sir-BHU Alumni). This course by VKP Sir help students shape their overall thinking ability on organic chemistry with his vast knowledge and clear fundamentals. Lecture videos are enriched with basic and advanced concepts. Assignment and DPPs are provided in support of these video lectures. One can start from the basics and gradually expand his/her knowledge and understanding of organic chemistry.

15 Year Experience of IIT - JEE Teaching (FIITJEE, resonance,Etoos)
  • Message For Student's: Chemistry is all about understanding, understanding the atoms and their emotions. Quoting her, "Elements are just like the people around, only less complicated. Once you know their nature, you exactly know how they're going to react. Come take a ride with me into realms of psychology, energy and matter, all working together to create a world full of actions and reactions.
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