Om Sharma ( Mathematics )

About Faculty : Mr. Om Sharma (OM Sir) is a well known name for mathematics for IIT JEE aspirants. He is an Alumnus of IIT Bombay. He was associated with reputed organizations like- Bansal Classes KOTA and Career Point. He is having a rich 12 years of experience in coaching IIT JEE aspirants from around the globe. He has also got a wonderful experience in content creation. OM sir has developed numerous methods to solve seemingly tough problems with conceptual ease. His classroom always has an energetic and lively atmosphere and his students always have the eagerness and enthusiasm to learn and apply concepts.He manages the diverse ability levels of students, Adapts curriculum to fit student needs while maintaining overall class progress, Possesses and continually develops a working knowledge of national curriculum programs and frameworks

B.Tech. IIT Bombay
12 Year Experience
  • Message For Student's: I believe that your hard work should always be a vector quantity- The EFFORTS put by you will be its MAGNITUDE and our GUIDANCE will be its DIRECTION. Maths can be your biggest strength to get into IITs, just keep focus and be confident. Let your thoughts wander in as many dimensions as possible-just take a possibility and proceed until you prove it right or wrong. Solving mathematics is fun...the more you play, the more you enjoy it, and at same time you can enhance your knowledge also.Pure mathematics, in its way, is the poetry of logical ideas
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