Ajnish Kumar Gupta (AKG Sir) ( Organic chemistry )

About Faculty : About Ajnish Kumar Gupta (AKG Sir) Ajnish Kumar Gupta (AKG Sir) is well known educator and teacher for Organic Chemistry. He is actively involved in educating students of Olympiad, JEE and NEET entrances for more than 16 years. He is very popular among students and known for their conceptual Clarity. In the past he had worked as a senior faculty in one of the best coaching institute of India (Resonance). He is also known for his rule "Ajnish Rule" which includes all the general rules of Organic reactions and explains nearly all the normal and abnormal reactions of it. He has been regularly teaching students of 204 countries through his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Ajnish2081 & website www.AjnishAcademy.com with more than 42 thousand subscriber & 4.2 million views since 2011. He had also written 4 books on Organic chemistry which is also available on amazon with following links.
1. Concepts of Organic Chemistry for Competitive Examinations 2020-21 - Vol.I
2. Concepts of Organic Chemistry for Competitive Examinations 2020-21 - Vol.II
3. 24 Test Papers in Organic Chemistry for JEE (Main & Advanced)
4. NCERT Solutions Organic Chemistry Class XI-XII Paperback

16 Year Experience of IIT - JEE Teaching ( resonance )
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