Waves and Fluids
Subject Physics Medium ENGLISH
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  1. Variation in pressure inside liquid with height, problems
  2. Problems , Inclination of liquid surface in static condition, rotation of container filled with liquid. 
  3. Archimedes principle  and force of buoyancy , Pascal’s law,
  4. atmospheric pressure, Gauge pressure, Absolute pressure, Barometer, and Manometer.
  5. Force applied by liquid on base of container and wall of container.Center of gravity, Center of Buoyancy, Meta-center, stability of completely submerged body and partially submerged body , metacentre.
  6. Types of flow, Uniform and Non-Uniform flow, Laminar and Turbulent flow, Reynolds number, Equation of continuity, Volume flow rate and Mass flow rate, Bernoulli theorem.
  7. Applications of Bernoulli theorem,
  8. Venturimeter, velocity of Efflux, Syphon  action.



  1. Definitions of periodic motion, oscillatory motion, and SHM, frequency, time period, amplitude, angular frequency.Differential equation of SHM, equation of SHM,
  2. SHM as projection of uniform circular motion, phase,
  3. Problems on phase , equation of SHM when mean position is not at origin.
  4. Velocity, acceleration and displacement of particle in terms of time (t) and displacement (x). Graphs, potential, kinetic and total energy in terms of time (t) and displacement (x), important graphs.
  5. Force method to find the time period, spring mass system ,
  6. , problems on force method, combinations of springs , springs in series , springs in parallel,
  7. energy methods to find the time period and Problems on spring mass system
  8. Angular SHM ,Differential equation of angular SHM, equation of angular SHM, method to find the time period in angular SHM
  9. Time period of simple pendulum, time period of simple pendulum when forces other than gravity and tension are also present, effective g. Fractional and percentage error , error in measurement of g, time period of simple pendulum when length of wire is comparable to radius of earth, Compound pendulum, its time period, minimum time period,
  10. Problems on compound pendulum , Torsional pendulum.
  11. Superposition of two parallel SHMs and perpendicular SHMs.



  1.  Definition and classification of wave, Mechanical & Non mechanical waves, Transverse & Longitudinal  waves, Progressive and Stationary waves
  2. Differential form of wave equation, General form of equation of Progressive wave, How to find wave equation in terms of x and t when equation is given in terms of either x or t
  3. wave on string introduction,Wavelength,Time period ,Frequency, Angular frequency, Wave number, Wave speed and velocity of particle, acceleration of particle, slope of string, direction of velocity of particle, relation b/w Phase difference and Path difference, relation  b/w Phase difference and Time difference
  4. Derivation of speed of wave on string, examples
  5. Instantaneous and Average power transmitted by wave, Instantaneous and average intensity of a wave on string
  6. Superposition of waves,Interference,Resultant intensity, Constructive and Destructive Interference
  7. Reflection and Transmission of wave from one to other medium, effect of Reflection and Transmission on frequency, speed,Wavelength and Phase.
    equation of reflected and transmitted waves.
  8. Stationary waves, its equation, Nodes and Anti-nodes, Phase difference, vibration of string fixed at both ends, vibration of string fixed at one end.
  9. Resonance,Sonometer, Melde's experiment, kinetic energy and potential energy of small element of string.



  1. Introduction to Sound wave, variation of pressure with time and distance, variation in density and position with time. Equation of sound wave, relation b/w pressure Amplitude and Displacement Amplitude. Phase difference b/w Pressure wave and Displacement wave.
  2. Speed of Sound wave, Newton’s formula and La-place corrections Dependence of speed of sound on Temperature, Pressure and relative Humidity.
  3. Intensity of sound wave, Wave front, Shape of wave-front for point source, Line source and Plane source.  Variation of Intensity with distance from source. Sound level, relative Sound Level, Pitch.
  4. Superposition of two sound waves, interference constructive and destructive interference, Reflection of Sound, Echo.
  5. Stationary wave in sound, vibrations of Air column in Organ pipes, Open Organ Pipe and Closed Organ Pipe Resonance Tube method to find the speed of sound, Beats.
  6. Doppler’s effect, when observer is moving and source is stationery, when source is moving and observer is stationary, when both source and observer are moving. When medium is also moving.
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