Subject Mathematics Medium ENGLISH
Faculty Renu Mam Status AVAILABLE
Category TOPIC BASED COURSE Lecture 36
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Basic Trigonometric Ratios (T-Ratios), and Identities, Questions based on Basic Trigonometry identities,
elimination of angle θ.

Trigonometry Ratios of allied angles, General solutions on coordinate axes, values of Trigonometry Ratios in
[0, 90°],Questions based on allied angles, Graph of Trigonometry ratios, their domain-range and fundamental

Compound angles of trigonometry ratios, transformation formulae, values of trigonometry ratios at 15°(π÷12),75°(5π÷12), Questions

Multiple and sub-multiple angles,
Values of Trigonometry Ratios at θ = π÷8, θ = π÷24

θ = 52*10÷2, θ = 142*10÷2, value of sin 180 (180 = π÷10), cos360(360 = π÷5), Questions.

Questions based on multiple and sub-multiple angles.

Conversion of sin5A in terms of sinA and Conversion of cos5A in terms of cosA.

Conditional identities and Range of Trigonometric functions.

Range by using concept of differentiation .

Trigonometric series-
(1) Cosine product series,
(2) (A) Cosine summation series (B) Sine summation series
Questions, Trigonometric Equations,
General solutions on coordinate axes, General solution of sinθ = sin α, cosθ = cos α, tanθ = tan α.and

sin2 θ = sin2 α
cos2 θ = cos2 α
tan2 θ = tan2 α

Basic Trigonometric equations directly formula based.

Trigonometric equations based on trigonometric identities,
Questions based on Boundary values, solving simultaneous trigonometric equations.

Advanced Level Trigonometric equations.

Advanced Level Trigonometric equations, Trigonometric-Inequalities.

Domain of trigonometric functions.

Solutions of triangles

About the triangle,
(1) Sine rule
(2) Area of ΔABC.
(3) Napier’s analogy (Law’s of tangent)
(4) Cosine-formula
(5) Projection formula
(6) T-Ratios of half- angles, Questions


Questions, m-n rule, circles connected to a triangle-
(1) Circumcircle
(2) Incircle
(3) Ex-circles
(4) Centroid
(5) orthocentre
(6) Circum-centre.

(1) Length of angle Bisectors.
(2) Length of Medians.
(3) Length of altitudes,
Distances of special points from vertices (A, B, C) and sides (AB, AC, BC)
(1) Circumcentre (O), (2) Incentre (I) (3) Centroid (G) (4) Excentres (I1, I2, I3)


Questions, Pedal-triangle (ΔLMN), its all parameters.

Ex-central-triangle (ΔI1 I2 I3), its all parameters,
Distance between two special points-
(1) Distance between circumcentre (o) & orthocentre (H),
(2) Distance between circumcentre (0) and Incentre (I)
(3) Distance between circumcentre and excentres (I1, I2, I3)
(4) Distance between orthocentre (H) and Incentre (I)
(5) Distance between centroid (G) and circumcentre (o)

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