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Carbocations C+, Hybridisation of carbocations , Stability of carbocations , Rearrangement of carbocations , Type of shifts , Migratory aptitude
Migratory aptitude of aromatic group , Rearrangement in cyclic carbocations , Ring expansion (RE),  Ring contracting (RC) , Cyclopropyl methyl carbocations (CPM–C+), Stability order of carbocations , Some extra ordinary stable carbocations, CPM carbocation , Aromatic carbocations
Rearrangement of carbocation,  Reaction mechanism , Solvents , Polar protic solvents (PPS),  Polar aprotic solvents (PAs) , Reagents , Nucleophiles, Nu,  Electrophilic E+
Electrophiles, E+,  Nucleophiles, Nu,  Nucleophilicity , Experimental order of Nu,  Strong Nu with weak basic character , Strong Nu with strong basic character,  Weak Nu with weak basic character , Solvation of Nu
Leaving group (l.g.), Leaving group ability , Unimolecular nucleophilic substitution reaction of first order (for R–X) i.e SN1 of R–X , Kinetics of SN1, Stereo of SN1, PE- diagram of SN1, SN1 with rearrangement in C+, Rate of SN1 reaction
SN1 or R–X,  Solvolysis reaction , Factors affecting the rate of SN1 reactions , SN1 of alcohol R–OH
SN1 of R–OH, Lucas reaction , N1 of ethers , Hydrolysis of ethers , SN2 reaction of (R–X), Kinetics of SN2 reaction , Stereochemistry of SN2 Rxn , PE-diagram of SN2 Rxn
Walden's experiment , Walden Inversion , Factors affecting the rate of SN2 Rxn , Halogen exchange reaction , Finkelstien reaction , Swart's reaction , SN2 Rxn  of alcohol (R–OH), SNi reaction of alcohol with SOCl2
SN2 of ether , Reaction of epoxides , Williamson's ether synthesis
Intramolecular SN2 reactions , Neighbouring group participation (NGP) , Comparison between SN1 and SN2 , SN1 Vs SN2
Elimination Reaction , E1 elimination (of R–X), Saytzeff's rule , Regioselectivity , E1 of Alcohols, Acid catalysed dehydroation of alcohol, Dienone- Phenol rearrangement ,  Pinacol - Pinacolone rearrangement , Semipinacol- Pinacolone rearrangement
E2 Rxn of (R–X), Stereoselectivity and sterospecificity , Reagents of E–2 Reaction , Order of Rate of E–2, Major Hofmann Alkene
Summary of SN1/ SN2/E1/E2, Stereo selectivity of E–2 reaction , E1CB reaction , Cases when Hofmann Alkene is the major product
Tetraalkyl ammonium hydroxide , E–2 Rxn, Didehalogenation , Stereoselectivity , Isotope effect (KH/KD)


Organometallic compounds , Preparation of G.R.
Preparation of GR, Solvents of GR, Reaction of GR, Acid-base reaction of GR, Zerewitinoff's active hydrogen determination
Nucleophilic addition reaction of GR, SN2- Th reaction of GR
Unstable GR, Mono GR is not possible with dihalide , Reaction of GR with CO2, Reaction of GR with O2, Reaction of GR with RCN, Digrignard reagent , Reactions of digrignard reagent
Attack of GR on weak bond, 1,2-addtion & 1,4-additon , Reaction of GR with metal halides , REDUCTION , Definition of reduction , Table of reducing agents , Catalytic hydrogenation     
Catalylic hydrogenation , Stereoselectivity ,) Partial hydrogenation , Lindlar's catalyst , P-2 catalyst (Nickle Boride), Birch reduction
Hydroboration Reduction (HBR), Transfer Hydrogenation, Clemmensen reduction , Wolf-Kishner reduction, Lithium aluminium hydride (LiAlH4)
Sodiumboro hydride (NaBH4) (SBH), Triphenyltin hydride Ph3SnH (TPH), DiBAl-H- Diisobutyl Aluminium hydride , Red –P + HI, Mozingo reduction , MPV- reduction , Oppeneaus Oxidation  , Bauvealt-Blanc reduction , ALKANES, Free Radicals , Formation of free radicals , F.R. Catalyst/ Initiators / Promotors , F.R. Inhibitors/ Scavangers/Poisons , Stability of free radicals , Reactions of free radicals , Combination Reactions , Disproportionation reaction
Reactions of Free radicals , Stability of free radicals , Preparation of Alkanes , Wurtz Reaction (WR), Wurtz-Fitting reaction , Fitting reaction , Frankland reaction , Kolbe's Electrolytic synthesis (KES), Corey-House Reaction
Corey House reaction, Decarboxylation , Decarboxylation by soda lime , Decarboxylation by heating
Properties of Alkanes , Chemical properties of Alkanes , Free Radical substitution reaction , PE-diagrams , Reactivity order , Conditions of halogenation
reactivity and selectivity , Percentage yield , Quantum yield , Isomerisation reaction of alkanes , Aromatisation reaction of alkanes , Petroleum , Physical Properties of alkanes



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