Subject Physics Medium ENGLISH
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Category TOPIC BASED COURSE Lecture 35
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Total chapters -03 Total no. of videos -35

Total no. of videos - 26
1. Law of rectilinear propagation of light, Law of independence of light rays, Law of
reversibility, Laws of reflections, types of reflection, regular and diffused
reflection, Plane mirror, definition of Object and Image, virtual and real
Object/Image. Image formation by plane mirror, Important points about Image
formation by plane mirror, motion of object and its Image -52 minutes
2. Problems on motion of object and image in 3D, Rotation of Mirror and Incident
ray-46 minutes.
3. Problems , Images formed by two mutually inclined mirrors, field of view-50
4. Problems, Angle of deviation due to reflection. -16 minutes
5. Curved mirrors, some definitions (terms) related with curved mirrors. Paraxial
rays, focal plane. -42 minutes
6. Sign conventions, Mirror formula, magnifications -28 minutes,
7. Ray diagram -28 minutes
8. Problems, some examples, multiple reflections- 34 minute
9. Motion of object and image, lateral magnifications -46 minutes,
10. 1/v versus 1/u graphs, U-V graphs, Newton’s mirror formula. -59 minutes
11. Refraction, Refractive index, Snell’s laws, some important points to remember,
refraction through plane surface and parallel slabs. -46 minutes
12. Image formation due to refraction through plane surface, actual depth and
apparent depth, problems. -41 minutes
13. Lateral shift, Normal shift, combination of mirror and slabs -42 minutes
14. Critical angle, total internal reflection, circle of illuminance, deviation due to
refraction through plane surface-40 minutes.
15. Prsim, Prism angle, angle of emergence, deviation by prism, condition for no
emergence, angle of deviation by prism in terms of angle of incidence and angle
of emergence. Condition for minimum deviation, minimum deviation-41 minutes,
16. Maximum Deviation, thin prisms, deviation by thin prism. -23 minutes

17. Cauchy’s equation, dispersion, mean deviation, angular dispersion, Dispersive
power of Prism, combination of Prisms, Achromatic combination ,combination
for direct vision -54 minutes.
18. Refraction through curved surface, formula relating “v” and “u”, -27 minutes
19. Problems lateral and longitudinal magnification, motion of object and image. -27
20. Thin lenses, classification of thin lenses, Lens maker’s formula and Lens formula-
-35 minutes,
21. Lateral and longitudinal magnification, Ray diagrams, -28 minutes
22. Sign convention, Image formation, Problems, 45 minutes
23. Problems , some important points to remember-28 minutes,
24. Motion of Object and image, , 1/v versus 1/u graphs, U-V graphs-39 minutes
25. Power of lens, combination of lenses in contact. Combination of two lenses
separated by distance “d”, combination of lenses and mirror in contact, focal
length when one face of a thin lens is silvered. -56 minutes
26. Displacement method to find the focal length of a lens, -15 minutes

Chapter 02. WAVE OPTICS
Total no. of videos -6
1. Wave nature of light, Wave front, wave fronts for point source/line source/plane
source. Hygiene’s principle for wave nature of light, Maxwell’s electromagnetic
wave theory of light, -34 minutes
2. Interference of light waves, constructive and destructive interference of light,
sustainable interference-31 minutes.
3. Young’s double slit experiment (YDSE), path difference, positions of bright and
dark fringes, Fringe width, Total no. of maximas and minimas formed on screen,
-26 minutes
4. Problems on YDSE , YDSE with white light, -23 minutes
5. Optical path difference, shift in fringe pattern when slabs are placed in front of
slits, YDSE with oblique incidence -31 minutes.
6. YDSE with slabs and oblique incidence, YDSE when apparatus Immersed inside
liquid and slabs are also placed in front of slits, when slits are placed
horizontally instead of vertical. Interference through thin films, Lloyd’s mirror,
Fresnel’s Biprism, -39 minutes

Total no. of videos -3

1. Diffraction ,single slit Diffraction, some important points about diffraction,
difference between Interference and diffraction-51 minutes
2. Resolution , Rayleigh criteria for resolution , Resolution by simple microscope ,
resolution by telescope-33 minutes
3. Polarization, polarizer, analyzer, plane of polarization, polarization by reflection,
angle of polarization,Brewster’s law. -25 minutes

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