Mains AND Modern physics
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Total chapters 08 Total no. of videos 44

Total no. of videos -14

1. Dual nature of Light, matter-waves, Debroglie’s formula for wavelength of
matter-waves. Graphs relating different parameters of Photon and matter waves,
example-41 minutes
2. Photometry, Energy of Photon, power incident and Intensity of light assuming

particle nature of light, Impulse , Force & Pressure exerted by incident Photons-
56 minutes,

3. Problems on photometry, motion of Photon under gravity-24 minutes
4. Photo electric Effect, Work function of a metal, Threshold Energy/Threshold
frequency/Threshold wavelength of an incident photon, Maximum kinetic energy
of photo-electron, Graphs-37 minutes
5. Photo-current, Saturation current, stopping potential, problems-50 minutes
6. graphs plotted by Einstein and conclusions from those graphs, Failure of
classical wave theory and explanations given by quantum theory-23 minutes
7. Atomic structure, Dalton’s law, Thomson’s Plums pudding theory, Rutherford’s
Atomic model, Bohr’s Atomic model and his 4 postulates, -24 minutes
8. Bohr model and Derivations for Radius of orbit, Energy of Orbit, velocity of
electron in an orbit, frequency of electron . -31 minutes
9. q/m ratio in an orbit,Ground and Excited states, Ionisation Energy and ionisation
potential, Excitation Energy and Excitation potential, Binding energy of electrons.
-28 minutes
10. Hydrogen emission spectrum, Lymen series, Balmer series, Paschen series,
Pfund series, series limits-38 minutes,

11. Recoil speed of atoms , problems on atomic structure ,Hydrogen absorption
spectrum, -28 minutes
12. Atomic collisions, problems on atomic collisions, -27 minutes
13. Energy and radius of orbit when nucleus in motion.X-ray introduction,
Production of X-ray, Types of X-rays, continuous X rays. accelerating voltage-41
14. Characteristics X-rays, cut-off wavelength, ,K-alpha/K-beta/L-alpha/L-beta
characteristics X-rays and their wavelength/ frequency, Mosley’s law ,Graphs and
problems on X-rays-35 minutes

Total no. of videos -7

1. introduction to nucleus , Atomic number, mass number, Isotopes, Isobars,
Isotones, Radius of nucleus, density of nucleus, forces inside nucleus, strong
nuclear force, stability of nucleus & N/Z ratio. -27 minutes

2. Mass defect, Binding Energy, calculation of Binding energy, examples, alpha-
particles, Beta particles, positron, neutrino, anti-neutrino-34 minutes.

3. Alpha particle emission, kinetic energy of alpha- particle and Gama-particle, Beta
particle Emission, positron emission, K-capture. -35 minutes
4. Radioactivity, Law of disintegration, statistical law , decay constant, Activity of a
sample ,Half life of a sample, Average life of a sample, Carbon Dating, -37
5. disintegration with production, successive Disintegration, simultaneous
disintegration, -27 minutes
6. Binding energy per nucleon, stability of a nucleus depending on B/A, fission
reaction, Fusion reaction, -24 minutes
7. Nuclear reactor, types of reactors, Moderator, coolant, control rods, Critical
mass. -25 minutes

Total no. of videos -4

1. significant figures ,Least count , maximum uncertainty , rules to find significant
figures -27 minutes
2. Significant figures in arithmetic operations like
addition/substraction/multiplication/division , rules of rounding , Least count ,
maximum permissible error, problems -39 minutes
3. Maximum permissible error in a dependent quantity. Fractional error,
percentage error , other types of errors like errors due to external causes ,
instrumental errors , personal error/ chance errors. Errors in averaging in
experiment, absolute errors, Example. -26 minutes
4. measurement by screw gauge , its Least count , measurement by vernier
callipers , its Least count , zero error , examples. -31 minutes

Total no. of videos -8
1. Energy band , valence band , conduction band , P type semi conductor and N
type semi conductor , Holes , Doping-31 minutes
2. Motion of Holes, current in semiconductor, conductivity of semiconductor,
mobility of holes and electrons. -21 minutes
3. PN junction, biasing of PN junction, forward biased PN junction and Reversed
biased PN junction, diffusion current and drift current, break down of PN
junction diode, Zener and avalanche breakdown. -35 minutes
4. Uses of PN junction as Rectifier , half wave rectifier , full wave rectifier,
transistor , PNP transistor and NPN transistor-36 minutes ,
5. Biasing of a transistor, basic transistor circuits, how transistor works? Uses of
transistor as amplifier -37 minutes,
6. Uses of transistor as switch and in LC oscillation circuit, digital electronics,
number systems, decimal and binary number system. -37 minutes
7. Logic gates, Boolean expressions, OR gate, AND gate, NOT gate and truth table. -
8. NOR gate , NAND gate and XOR gate-23 minutes ,

Total no. of videos -2

1. Ampere Maxwell law, displacement current, electromagnetic wave, its properties
and equation of electromagnetic waves. Intensity of Electromagnetic waves.
Different types of Electromagnetic waves, their wavelength, their production and
Detection. -27 minutes
2. Some important problems on Displacement current and Electromagnetic waves.
-20 minutes

Total no. of videos -4

1. communication system , modes of communications ,Transducer and
Transmitter , signal , Noise , Receiver , Attenuation , Amplification , Range ,
Band width , Modulation , Demodulation , - 27 minutes
2. Band widths of signal , analog signal and digital signal , Band widths of
transmission medium , Line communication , Radio communication ,
Optical communication , Types of wave propagation , Ground wave
propagation , sky wave propagation , space wave propagation. Height of
Tower and maximum distance covered by transmission. -39 minutes
3. modulation and its necessity ,minimum length of antenna , types of
modulation.Amplitude modulation ,side band frequencies , modulation
index , disadvantages of amplitude modulation.- 26 minutes
4. Frequency modulation ,frequency deviation , carrier swing , modulation
index , frequency spectrum , deviation ratio.percent modulation, Pulse
modulation ,pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) , pulse width modulation
(PWM) , pulse position modulation (PPM),Demodulation , important
problems.-31 minutes

Total no. of videos -3

1. Human eye, near point, far point, least distance of distinct vision, Eye
defects,Near sightedness (myopia) and its remedy, far sightedness
(Hypermetropia) and its remedy. Problems. -36 minutes
2. Magnifying power of optical instruments, simple microscope (magnifying glass),
Magnification when image is formed at Least distance of distinct vision and
magnification when image is formed at infinity. Compound microscope
(magnifying glass) ,magnification when image is formed at Least distance of
distinct vision and magnification when image is formed at infinity. -42 minutes
3. Telescope, astronomical telescope , its magnification when image is formed at
Least distance of distinct vision and magnification when image is formed at
infinity. -
Terrestrial telescope , magnification when image is formed at Least distance of
distinct vision and magnification when image is formed at infinity.
Telescope , magnification when image is formed at Least distance of distinct
vision and magnification when image is formed at infinity. -37 minutes

Total no. of videos -2

1. magnetic materials , paramagnetic ,ferromagnetic , Domain and Diamagnetic
materials, intensity of magnetization , -27 minutes
2. magnetic intensity, magnetic susceptibility, curies law, permeability of medium,
hysteresis loop, retentively, coercive force , hysteresis loop of iron and steel-37

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