Subject chemistry Medium ENGLISH
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Category TOPIC BASED COURSE Lecture 26
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Strong electrolyte, weak electrolyte, strong acids, weak acids, strong base, weak base , acid base theory, arrhenius concept, bronsted lowry concept , amphiprotic species
Lewis concept , pH scale, properties of water, ionisation constant of water, ionic product of water
pH calculation for strong acid, strong base, mixture of strong acid , mixture of strong acid and base , common ion effect
pH for monobasic weak acid, weak base, ostwald dilution law, pH for very dilute strong acid
Very dilute weak base , mixture of weak acid and strong acid,polyprotic weak acid
Numerical on polyprotic weak acid, mixture of two weak acids
Hydrolysis of salt, salt of strong acid and strong base, salt of weak acid and strong base , salt of weak base and strong acid     
Hydrolysis of salt of weak acid and weak base
pH for polyvalent anion, ph for amphiprotic anion , introduction of buffer solution
Acidic buffer and basic buffer
Buffer capacity, titration ( strong acid v/s strong base, strong acid v/s weak base , weak acid v/s strong base)
Titration of H3PO4 v/s NaOH
Indicator, phenolphthalein, methyl orange, pH range for a buffer ,double titration
Solubility of sparingly soluble salt, Ksp, effect of common ion on solubility, simultaneous solubility
Ionic product v/s solubility product,selective precipitation,
solubility of salt in buffer solution, complex formation by salt
Solubility of amphoteric insoluble hydroxide, solubility of salt if cation is hydrolyzed , solubility of salt if anion is hydrolyzed


Reversible & irreversible reactions, physical and chemical eq, homogeneous and heterogeneous eq, properties of eq, Kp, Kc, Kx, relation between Kp & Kc, relation between Kp and Kx, degree of dissociation
Effect of stoichiometry on kp & Kc, examples of homogeneous equilibrium
Numericals of homogeneous eq.
Heterogeneous eq., homogeneous liquid eq., significance of value of k, reaction quotient
Approximation during calculation, relation between vapour density and degree of dissociation
Thermodynamics for chemical eq, factor affecting composition of eq mixture , le-chatelier's principle, effect of concentration , effect of temperature
Effect of change in pressure and volume , effect of catalyst
Addition of inert gas at constant volume and constant pressure, le-chatelier's principle for physical eq, evaporation of water, boiling of water, melting of ice , melting of metal
Solubility of gas in liquid , allotropic change , simultaneous eq.

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