Heat and thermodynamics
Subject Physics Medium ENGLISH
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  1. Assumptions for Ideal gas, Average velocity, Average speed, RMS speed, Most Probable speed,  Maxwell’s velocity distribution graph.
  2. Miscellaneous problems related to calculation of RMS speed , average speed , most probable speed.
  3. Derivation of Ideal gas equation, calculation of kinetic energy of molecules
  4. Degree of Freedom, Maxwell’s law of Equipartition of energy and Internal energy.
  5. Mean Free Path, Some miscellaneous problems.
  6. Specific Heat Capacity, Adiabatic Exponent and gaseous mixture , molecular weight , Cp , Cv  and γ of gaseous mixture.
  7. Work done by gas when pressure is constant and when pressure is variable, indirect method of calculation of work done by gas, work done from PV diagram.
  8. Problems based on calculation of work done by gas.
  9. Zeroth law of Thermodynamics, first law of Thermodynamics, Sign convention for Heat supplied, work done by gas and change in Interval energy .problems based on 1st law of thermodynamics.
  10. Thermodynamics processes ,Isochoric process, Isobaric process, Isothermal process, , calculation of heat supplied & Specific Heat Capacity of all the processes.
  11. Adiabatic process ,  Polytropic process, calculation of heat supplied & Specific Heat Capacity of these processes.
  12. Cyclic process, Heat Engine and its Efficiency, carnot cycle
  13. Refrigerator and its Coefficient of Performance, 
  14. Miscellaneous problems and Free Expansion.



  1. Specific Heat Capacity, Heat Capacity, Specific Heat Capacity of water,
  2. definition of unit of Calorie, Latent heat, Latent Heat of Fusion, Latent Heat of Vaporization.
  3. change of State (Phase) of water with Temperature, illustrations.
  4. Problems , temperature scale.



  1. Linear expansion, Coefficient of Linear expansion, Differential expansion
  2. effect of Temperature on pendulum clock, error in measurement by metallic scale,
  3. Bimetallic strip, thermal stress
  4. Areal expansion, Coefficient of Areal expansion, relation between α and β, expansion of holes inside metallic plate. Coefficient of Volume expansion, relation between α and γ,
  5. Effect of Temperature on Density, Real and Apparent expansion of liquids.



  1. Surface Tension ,wetted perimeter
  2. Surface Energy, cause of Surface Tension.Excess Pressure inside liquid drop, Excess pressure inside Soap bubble. Radius of curvature of common surface of double bubble.
  3. Cohesive force and Adhesive force, shape of liquid surface, Angle of contact.Capillary rise and illustrations.
  4. Capillary action with mercury , radius of lower meniscus
  5. Some miscellaneous problems



  1. Methods of heat transfer, conduction, convection and radiation. steady state, temperature gradient. laws of conduction. Analogy with electric current 
  2. Problems on conduction, 1D heat transfer, 2D heat transfer, 3D heat transfer. 
  3. Convection, Radiation, Reflection power, Absorption power, Transmittance power, Black body. Ferry’s block body. Emissive power of a body, Spectral emissive power, absorptive power, spectral absorptive power. 
  4. Emissivity of a body, Prevost's heat exchange theory, Kirchhoff’s law of radiation, Stefan’s law of heat radiation, rate of cooling 
  5. Newton’s law of cooling, average temperature method, integration method.
  6. Black body radiation, Wien's displacement law, solar constant



  1. Newton’s law of gravitation, gravitational field due to point mass, circular arc, circular ring, circular disc, long rod, infinite plate, hollow sphere and solid sphere, variation in acceleration due to gravity with height and depth, effect of rotation of earth, effect of shape of earth. 
  2. Gravitational potential, gravitational potential due to point mass, circular arc, circular ring, circular disc, hollow sphere, solid sphere, relation b/w gravitational field and gravitational potential . 
  3. Gravitational potential energy, P.E. of two point mass system, self energy of hollow sphere and solid sphere, miscellaneous examples. 
  4. Motion of satellite, orbital velocity, time period, energy of satellite, binding energy, escape velocity, geostationary satellite. 
  5. Kepler's  laws,  path of a satellite according to its projection velocity. 
  6. Miscellaneous examples.



  1. Elasticity, Plasticity, Deforming force, The reason behind Elastic and Plastic behaviour, Restoring force, Stress, Longitudinal Stress, Shear Stress and Bulk Stress, Strain, Longitudinal Strain, Shear Strain, Bulk Strain.
  2. Hook’s law, Modulus of Elasticity, Young’s Modulus, Modulus of Rigidity, Bulk Modulus, Compressibility, variation of Strain with Deforming force, Elastic Limit, Yield point, Fracture point, elongation in wire due to self weight.
  3. Analogy with Spring, Spring constant of a wire Elastic Potential  energy stored in the deformed wire.
  4. Viscosity, Velocity Gradient, Viscous Force, Stoke’s force Terminal Velocity.
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