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Total chapters -06 Total no. of videos-76

Total no. of videos - 21

1. Introduction to charge, properties of charge, -43 minutes
2. Coulombs law, permittivity, relative permittivity, principal of superposition-52 minutes
3. Electric field and its strength due to a point charge , due to circular arc , due to circular ring -35
4. Electric field due to circular disc, infinite layer of charge , due to large conducting and non
conducting sheets -43 minutes
5. Electric field due to straight conductor and related problems-40 minutes
6. Electric field due to non conducting solid sphere , hollow sphere and related problems. -43
7. Electric field inside cavity and electrostatic pressure. -25 minutes
8. Electric potential, Electric potential due to a point charge , due to circular arc , due to circular
ring , due to circular disc-31 minutes
9. Relation between electric field and electric potentials , Electric field due to Non conducting
solid sphere and hollow sphere-48 minutes
10. potential difference due to infinite layer of charge and infinitely long line charge, Equipotential
surface-34 minutes
11. Electric potential energy, potential energy of two point charge system , potential energy of
point charge system, methods to find the potential energy of point charge system-42 minutes
12. self energy of hollow sphere, self energy of solid sphere, energy density , Potential energy of
interaction, -41 minutes
13. Problems on self energy and interaction energy , Electric line of forces (ELOF), properties of
ELOF-17 minutes
14. Electric flux, solid angle and use of solid angle to find the electric flux-58 minutes
15. Gauss theorem, uses of Gauss theorem to find electric field due to hollow sphere-28 minutes
16. Electric field due to solid sphere/long line charge/solid cylindrical charged body/hollow
cylindrical charged body by using gauss theorem-31 minutes
17. Electric dipole, Electric dipole moment, Electric field due to dipole on axial point/equatorial
line/at general point-32 minutes
18. Electric potential due to dipole on axial point/equatorial line/at general point, Force and Torque
experienced by a dipole in external uniform electric field, potential energy of dipole in external

uniform electric field, force on dipole in non uniform electric field, force between two dipoles-
52 minutes

19. Conductor, Earthing of a conductor , electrostatic shielding -28 minutes
20. charge distribution on inner and outer surface of concentric conducting spheres, , when two
charged conductors are connected by a conducting wire -39 minutes
21. charge distribution on a conductor surfaces in the presence of external electric field-52

Total no. of videos -12

1. Current definition, Instantaneous current, Average current, current due to Circular and
Translational motion of charge, Current through a conductor, Current density, -33 minutes
2. mechanism of current flow. Relaxation time. Mean Free Path, Drift velocity, Resistance,
Resistivity, Conductivity, Ohm’s law, Relation b/w current density & Electric field-29
3. Calculation of Resistance in different cases, , dependence of resistance on length & cross
sectional area when wire is stretched, Effect of temperature on Resistance, Resistance in 2 D
& 3 D current flow. -31 minutes
4. Battery, EMF, some important points about electrical circuits, Potential difference across
battery, short circuit, and maximum power dissipated by a battery. -1 hr 04 minutes
5. Kirchhoff’s junction law and voltage/loop law. Point potential method to solve the circuits. -
37 minutes
6. combination of resistances, series and parallel combinations, Wheat stone bridge, -39minutes
7. Method of symmetry, Infinite series of Resistances-38 minutes
8. combination of batteries .series and parallel combination of batteries,mixed combinations,
combination of ideal batteries. -40 minutes
9. Electrical instruments, Galvanometer, sensitivity of Galvanometer, conversion of
Galvanometer into Ammeter and Voltmeter. -45 minutes
10. Problems on galvanometer, ammeter and voltmeter-28 minutes.
11. Potentiometer, Uses of Potentiometer to compare the EMF's of two batteries, to find the
internal resistance and EMF of a battery, Meter bridge, zero error-51 minutes
12. Post-office box, rating of electrical instruments like bulb and heater. -45 minutes

Chapter 03. CAPACITOR
Total no. of videos -11

1. Introduction to capacitor, types of capacitor, parallel plate capacitor, spherical capacitor,
cylindrical capacitor, -43 minutes
2. energy stored in a capacitor, work done by battery, heat loss, energy density,some problems.a
conductor as a capacitor -41 minutes
3. Combination of capacitors, series & parallel combination. wheat stone bridge-36 minutes,
4. Method of symmetry, Infinite series, point potential method, important problems
Combination of two charged capacitors, some important problems. -49 minutes
5. Problems on combinations of charged capacitors, combinations of conductors-42 minutes
6. Charging of capacitor, variation of charge , voltage and current with time ,steady state,
graphs, -34 minutes
7. Discharging of capacitor, time constant, variation in charge, voltage, current with time.
Method to find the time constant of a circuit. -39 minutes
8. Circuits with capacitors and resistors, problems-31 minutes
9. Dielectrics b/w plates of capacitor change in capacitance, charge and energy with dielectric. -
29 minutes
10. Some important problems related to dielectric. -29 minutes
11. Force on dielectric when battery remains connected, motion of dielectric. Force on dielectric
when battery is removed, leakage current, dielectric strength. -36 minutes

Total no. of videos -16

1. Natural magnet ,pole strength , magnetic dipole moment, -20 minutes
2. magnetic field produced by Natural magnet at axial point , at Equatorial point and at general
point, natural magnet in external magnetic field, Force ,Torque and potential energy of a
magnet in external magnetic field. Force between two magnets-37 minutes
3. magnetic effect of charge and current, some important points , Right hand screw rule-28
4. Biot savort’s law , Right hand palm rule. Magnetic field produced by straight conductor, -30
5. Shape of magnetic lines of forces around a conductor, some important problems. -43 minutes

6. Circular arc and circular loop, solenoid and troid, magnetic field produced by solenoid and
toroid, -53 minutes
7. Magnetic field produced by moving charge, Biot savort’s law for moving charge. Magnetic
field due to circular motion of charge-26 minutes.
8. closed loop as a magnet . . magnetic dipole moment of closed loop, magnetic dipole moment
of rotating charged bodies. -26 minutes
9. ampere’s law , application of ampere’s law to find the magnetic field due to straight long
conductor and long cylindrical conductor. -29 minutes
10. problems on magnetic field due to cylindrical cavity inside a cylindrical conductor. -25
11. Lorentz’s force, magnetic force on moving charge, motion of charge in external magnetic
field , motion on circular path, important problems. -47 minutes
12. motion of charge on helical path with constant pitch, motion on helical path with increasing
pitch, -34 minutes
13. Motion of charge on cycloid path -27 minutes
14. magnetic force on a current carrying conductor, magnetic force between two straight current
carrying conductors, -27 minutes
15. Important problems ,magnetic force and torque on closed loop in external magnetic field. -28
16. Earth as a magnet, magnetic and geographical axis, magnetic and geographical meridian,
angle of declination, angle of dip, horizontal & vertical component of earth’s magnetic field. -
29 minutes

Total no. of videos -10

1. Magnetic flux, Faraday’s law, EMF induced, EMF induced due to change in area of loop, due
to change in magnetic field ,due to rotation of loop, Lenz’s rule, examples-35 minutes
2. Important Examples on Lenz’s rule. -23 minutes
3. Motional EMF, calculation of motional EMF, use of Motional EMF in circuit as battery, -32
4. Important problems on motional EMF. -38 minutes
5. motional EMF due to rotation of conductor in external magnetic field. -24 minutes
6. Induced electric field due to varying magnetic field, Calculation of Induced electric field in
varying magnetic field in cylindrical region. -36 minutes
7. Self inductance, Inductor, potential difference across an inductor, Energy stored in an
inductor, Inductor in a circuit, -27 minutes
8. Current Growth in an inductor, Time constant, current decay in an inductor-37 minutes
9. Mutual induction, Mutual Inductance ,combination of inductors, series and parallel
combination, -35 minutes
10. LC oscillator and problems. -28 minutes

Total no. of videos -6

1. AC/DC introduction, RMS and Average value of Alternating EMF and current, -35 minutes
2. Important problems , AC circuits, circuit containing Resistor only, circuit containing capacitor
only, circuit containing Inductor only, -36 minutes
3. Steps to find instantaneous current in AC circuit, reactance, Impendence, phasor diagram,
LCR series circuit, Quality factor-38 minutes
4. LC circuit, RC circuit, LR circuit. Examples on AC series circuits. -32 minutes
5. Average and instantaneous power , Apparent power , power factor, wattles current,
Parallel AC circuits, -52 minutes
6. Problems on parallel circuits , Choke coil and Transformer-50 minutes

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