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Category TOPIC BASED COURSE Lecture 21
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Simple salt, mixed salt, double salt, coordination compound, central atom, ligand, coordination number, oxidation number
Denticity, flexidentate, Ambidentate liquid
Coordination polyhedron, Naming of central atom, cationic ligand, neutral ligand, anionic ligand
Naming of anionic ligand , rules for naming of complex salt, formula of complex , naming of complex having bridging ligand
Name of complex containing bridging ligand, reaction with AgNO3, reaction with BaCl2 electrical conductivity
Reaction with conc. H2SO4, Werner’s theory, Sidgwick EAN rule.
Valence bond Theory (VBT)
Crystal field theory for octahedral complex.
Crystal field theory (octahedral complex Examples)
Crystal field theory (octahedral complex Examples), CFT for square planar complex, CFT for tetrahedral complex, structural isomerism, ionisation, hydrate, ligand , linkage, coordination isomerism
Examples of tetrahedral complex, factors affecting crystal field splitting energy
Stereoisomerism, geometrical & optical isomerism
Optical isomerism in octahedral complex & factors affecting splitting
Properties of coordination compound stability, magnetic nature, colour, d-d transition.
Charge transfer in brown ring, sodium nitroprusside, back bonding in metal carbonyl, Delta bond, synergic bonding, bonded organometallic compound,ferrocene, zeise salt.


Types of ore, Methods of metallurgy, crushing grinding, concentration, gravity separation, magnetic separation, froth floatation.
Leaching, calcination, roasting, flux, slag, reduction with carbon, carbon monoxide, self reduction. Electrolytic reduction is fused / aqueous solution.
Reduction with Al, Mg, H2, Thermal decomposition, metal displacement reduction, metallurgy of Aq & Au, Macarthur forrest cyanide method, copper extraction.
Extraction of Pb, Zn, Hg, Sn, Fe, Al, bayer methode, Hall, serpeck, Hall-Heroult method.
Extraction of Mg, Dow process, Extraction of sodium purification method Liquidation, Distillation Vapour phase refining, poling process, Mond process, Van Arkel method, Electrolytic refining.
Parting with Cl2, concentrated H2So4, Parke process, Thermodynamic of metallurgy Ellingham diagram.

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