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Chemical bond, ionic bond, lattice energy, born haber cycle, Hess law
Properties of ionic compound, Hydration & Hydration energy. Solubility in water.
Factors affecting Hydration Energy, Solubility order, Covalent bond, Lewis concept.
Lewis structure, Exception of Lewis rule, Hypovalent, Hypervalent, odd electron species, coordinate bond formation, lewis acid & base.
Formal charge, Resonance
Valence bond theory (VBT) ,axial & Lateral overlapping,𝞂 bond, Π bond, 𝛅 bond
Hybridisation-sp, sp2, sp3, sp3d, sp3d2, sp3d3
Steric number rule for hybridisation, Valence shell electron pair repulsion theory VSEPR
Examples of sp & sp2 Hybridisation
Fullerenes, diamond, Compounds of phosphorus & sulphur.
Compounds of silicon,
    Silica, orthosilicate, pyrosilicate, chain silicate, cyclic silicate, double chain silicate
Silicons, equivalent and nonequivalent hybrid orbitals bent rule
Examples of sp3d, sp3d2 & sp3d3 Hybridisation, Drago’s rule.
Molecular orbital theory (MOT),  linear combination of atomic orbital (LCAO)
MOT examples , s-p mixing ,O2, F2, H2, N2, Ne2     
HOMO & LUMO,GERADE & UNGERADE,Dipole moment & ionic character in ionic compound
Application of dipole moment % ionic character by dipole moment fazan, rule, covalent character in ionic compound
Application of fajan's rule, Banana bonding in diborane.
Back bonding in BF3 examples of back bonding
Bond angle comparison bond length & bond strength comparison.
p𝚷 - d𝚷 bonding, p𝚷 - p𝚷 bonding
    Solubility due to hydrolysis of BF3, SiCl4, PCl3, compound, Interhalogen
Metallic bonding, H bonding, intermolecular H-bonding Intramolecular H bonding
Examples of h-bonding, van der waal forces( ion-dipole, dipole-dipole , ion-induced dipole, dipole-induced dipole, london dispersion forces)
Factors affecting van der waal forces , existence and nonexistence of molecules


Dobereiner's triad, Newland’s octave law, lother meyer curve, Mendeleev's periodic table. Moseley's periodic table
Periodicity, blocks in periodic table, diagonal relationship, naming of element z > 100, Determination of period & block, Ionic radius
Covalent radius, vanderwaal radius, effective nuclear charge, shielding effect/screening effect, slater’s law
Factor affecting atomic radius. trend of atomic radius exception of atomic radius, lanthanide contraction.
Ionisation energy, Factors affective IE, Trend in I.E.
Exceptions in ionisation energy,Comparison of IE1 & IE2,Application of IE ionisation energy
Electron affinity, electron gain enthalpy, factor affecting electron affinity,
Second electron gain enthalpy,Electronegativity, Pauling scale, mulliken scale, Hanny smith of formula.
Nature of XOH
    Acidic, basic, neutral and amphoteric oxide, Nature of oxide, Hydroxide and oxyacids, Inert pair effect

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