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Alkenes , Preparation of Alkene , Pyrolysis of ester , Pyrolysis of xanthates (Chaugave reaction ) , Cope reaction , Didehalogenations
Chemical reactions of Alkenes , Electrophilic addition reaction (AE Rxn), Classical carbocation mechanism , Non-Classical carbocation mechanism , Markowni Koff's rule , Addition of H–X, Antimarkowni Koff's rule
Addition of H2O on Alkenes , Acid-catalysed hydration of Alkenes , Oxymercuration- Demercuration reaction  (OM/DM), Hydroboration -oxidation (HBO), Alkoxymercuration Demercuration , Addition of X2 on Alkenes     
Addition of HOX on alkenes , Stereoselectivity , Order of rate of addition of X2 on alkene , Chemical reaction of Alkynes , Addition of H-X on alkynes , Addition of H2O on alkynes , Hydration of alkyne with dil H2SO4 and HgSO4, Hydroboration – Oxidation     
Addition of HOX on alkynes , Preparation of alkynes , Isomerisation
Isomerisation mechanism , Reaction of terminal alkynes , Dienes , Conjugated diene , Addition NOCl on alkene , Allylic substitution , NBS- N-bromosuccinimide
Reaction of NBS, MnO2- Oxidising agent , Carbenes , Sources of carbenes  , Types of carbenes
Reaction of carbene , Reimmer-Tiemann reaction , Carbyl amine reaction , OXIDATION , definition of oxidation  , Oxidation of alkenes and alkynes , Ozonolysis of Alkenes and alkynes , Oxidation of Ketone , Perhydroxylation of Alkenes (Formation of diols), Baiyer reaction – Baeyer's reagent , Osmium tetraoxide (OsO4), Epoxidation by per acid     
Oxidation-strong oxidising agent , Potassium dichromate K2Cr2O7/H2SO4, Alkaline KMnO4/ OH-, H2CrO4 or CrO3 + H2O, Table of oxidising agents , Oxidation of alcohols , Mild oxidising agents , Oxidation of periodic acid HIO4, Oxidation of aldehydes , Oxidation with NBS, Tollen's reagent , Fehling's Reagent , Benedict's solution , Schiff's reagent
Oxidation of seleniumdioxide SeO2, Side-Chain oxidation


Aromaticity , Benzenoids and Non-Benzenoids , NMR-definition of Aromaticity  , Anti Aromaticity , Polycyclic aromatic compound , Azulenes , Reaction of AgNO3 and Na-metal , (n)-Annulenes , Peripheral aromaticity
Electrophilic aromatic substitution reaction , Halogenation of Benzene , Baltz-Schiemann reaction , Nitration of benzene , Kinetic Isotope effect , Sulphonation of benzene , Friedel-Craft reaction (F.C. Rxn), F.C. Alkylation
Ring-Closure at C-1 and C–2, Dehydrogenation , Limitations of F.C. reaction , Friedel Craft Acylation , Ring closure , Directive influence or Directive effect , Table of activating and deactivating groups
Ortho-para ratio , Direction effect on disubstituted benzene , Directive influence in monosubstituted benzene , Directive influence in naphthalene , Directive influence in diphenyl , Directive influence in Anthracene and phenanthrene, Directive influence in pyridine & pyrrole , SN2 Ar reaction , PHENOL, Preparation of phenol
Preparation of phenol from acid hydrolysis of cumene , Chemical reaction of phenol , Halogenation of phenol , Protection of –OH group, Nitration of Phenol , Sulphonation of Phenol, Reimer-Tiemann Reaction , Reimer-Tiemann formylation , Reimer-Tiemann carboxylation , Comparison of Reimer-Tiemann and carbyl amine reactions , Kolbe-Schmidt reaction , Some medicinally important compounds , Aspirine, Salol, Oil of winter green
Nitrosation of phenol , Use of phenol as nucleophile, ANILINE, Preparation of aniline from reduction of nitrobenzene , Selective reduction , Chemical reactions of aniline , Halogenation of Aniline , Nitration of Aniline, Sulphonation of Aniline
Fries rearrangment reaction in Phenol , Claisen rearrangement , Diazotisation of Aniline , Reaction of Benzene diazonium chloride (BDC) , Sandmeyer reaction , Baltz-scheimann reaction , Experimental evidence of formation of phenyl cation , Amination – Deamination
AMINES, Preparation of Amines , Hofmann Bromamide reaction , Hofmann methylation , Gabriel phthalimide reaction , Coupling reaction of BDC
Test of Amines ,Isocyanide Test of 1º Amine , Test with nitrous acid HNO2, CYANIDES and ISOCYANIDES , Preparation of cyanides and isocyamide , Hydrolysis of cyanides and isocyanides , IPSO-Substitution
Basic Strength, Definition of bases  , Scales of basic strength , Organic Nitrogenous bases
Basic strength of Aliphatic amines , Basic strength of Aromatic amines , SH of H2O, SIR effect on Aromatic amines , Basic strength of pyridine and pyarole
Amidine-basic strength , Guanidine- basic strength , Kb order , Proton sponges , Site of protonation , Feasibility of reaction

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