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Anish Chandrasekaran
Dear Sir, Do the USB videos package come along with course material? Does the question bank have solutions or only answers? How do we clarify doubts if there are any? Can we take Live courses only for Chemistry?
09 Nov 2019
P.anand kumar
Explanation is very good
12 Oct 2019
Bheenva ram bagdiya
I'm work as a chemistry faculty. Your online videos very helpful. Thanyou sir
12 Oct 2019
Ashutosh Rath
.VKP Sir is king of organic and no need of any coaching if u have it . Just GO FOR IT and U will never regret about it coz Its too good to be honest. ..Do look into lec 9 of GOC chapter.....The concerned lec. isnt present in it and rest all Its a favolous course
05 Oct 2019
09 Sep 2019
Anweshak Das
Very good classes
12 Apr 2019
sakshi jain
i like the way of teaching of ssi sir
30 Mar 2019
mohd imran
nucleon institute best for iit
21 Dec 2018
Gaurav singh
buy full lecture discount ke sath
17 May 2018
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